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    Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD Local Information

    Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) is located in Aberdeen, Harford County, Maryland. The city of Aberdeen has a population of 14,960 and is near the communities of Perryman (population 2,460), Riverside/Belcamp (6,130), Havre de Grace (12,950), and Bel Air South (39,700). The nearest major city is Baltimore, population 641,240, which is 30 miles south of base.

    Local Rental Housing Prices: The average price to rent a home in Aberdeen ranges from $380 to $780 with a median of about $600 per month. Riverside/Belcamp averages about $980 and Bel Air South is about $800 per month.

    Local Purchase Housing Prices: The average price to purchase a home in Aberdeen is about $213,800, compared to $301,400 for Maryland and $298,800 for Harford County.

    Short Description of the Area: Aberdeen is part of the Baltimore-Towson Metropolitan Area which is the 20th largest metro area in the United States. Baltimore is Maryland's largest city and one of the largest in the country. APG is located on its own peninsula in the Chesapeake Bay, near the convergence of the Susquehanna River, separated from the Atlantic Ocean on its east side by the state of Delaware. Aberdeen is in the northeastern corner of Maryland near the borders of Pennsylvania and Delaware.

    Climate and Weather: The climate around Aberdeen creates four noticeable season changes with hot, humid summers and cold but usually mild winters. The average temperature in July ranges from 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. January's average temperature is about 30 degrees F. The average annual precipitation is about 44 inches, with most rain falling in springtime. An average of 18 inches of snow falls between November and March. The risk of hurricanes or tornadoes is about the same as the average for Maryland and the rest of the United States, which means they do occur but are not extremely common. It is always best to be prepared for strong storms, especially when living near the coast.