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Aberdeen Proving Ground Aberdeen Proving Ground Housing
            HOUSING          RELOCATION

You have several options available. Subject to availability you may live on post. You may also qualify to either rent or purchase off-post.

Basic Allowance for Housing
Your BAH will be used in one of two ways. You can either rent on post, or you can live off post. If you live off post, you can either rent or buy. Click Here for current BAH rates.

Aberdeen Proving Ground Housing (On-Post)
The number to the Aberdeen Proving Ground Housing office is 410-306-2002 or DSN 312-458-2001.

Off Post Single Family Rentals
You can choose to rent off post / base if you wish. Check our listing for available single-family homes.

Apartments for Rent
Click here for apartments.

Purchase a Home

Financial Freedom comes from having cash flow to do what you want, when you want. Owning a home is one of the surest ways to build wealth. You may want to consider using your BAH to invest in yourself through home-ownership. Both officers and enlisted personnel have used this approach to reduce their tax burden, provide a house for their family, increase their net worth and choose where they would like to live rather than being told "where to live".

Click here for a free relocation buyer's guide and access to area home listings.

Home Loan Application Process

It's as simple as:

STEP 1) Print and complete a statement of service form. Note for veterans or prior service members: in lieu of a statement of service letter, we will need you to send us your DD-214.

STEP 2) Print and complete the request for certificate of Eligbility VA Form 1880

STEP 3) Complete the online pre-qualification form.

Military personnel looking for on-post housing on Aberdeen Proving Ground are required to contact the Housing Office located in Building 4305, second floor, room 248 for information. For off-post housing, personnel are required to process through the Housing Office prior to agreeing to any long-term lease agreements. The Department of Defense has made these requirements mandatory. There are many townhomes, apartments and condominiums in close proximity to Aberdeen Proving Ground. Single family homes are also available for either rent or purchase. There are currently over 1000 housing units available at Aberdeen Proving Ground and quarters are available for all ranks. Waiting periods can vary depending upon the number of bedrooms requested and the rank of the soldier. Those seeking housing must apply to the housing office within 30 days of arrival at Aberdeen Proving Ground. Off-post housing applicants will find a current list of available properties at the housing office which will identify what kind of features each property offers.

Single soldiers will be assigned to barrack space except geographical bachelors (who are married but did not bring their family members) will not be housed in permanent party barracks because of space limitations. These military personnel will be housed in separate buildings on a space available basis. For more information on barracks information, call 410-306-2002.

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